Additional Time

Additional Time Can Be Added to Any of Our Customizable Packages!


This time can be added either to the beginning of your booked event for any of your "Pre-Event Activities," or to the end of your event for additional coverage. 

Price for 1 Videographer: $100 per hour

Price for 2 Videographers: $150 per hour

Digital Memory Book

For Any Event That Has Up To 100 Guests, Add A Digital Memory Book!


This includes edited video footage of each of your guests giving their well-wishes, words of encouragement, and/or advice for the person(s) of interest. The Memory book can be added to your final video with original footage of the event, or come in a separate format for separate/individual use.

Price: $200

Original / Unedited Footage

Receive Copyright Free Access to the Original Footage!


You must provide a storage device (e.g. External Hard Drive, DVD etc.) large enough to hold the raw footage.

Price: $45